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  • WDTDSS Wins 3rd Place at CENTER Awards - Editor's Choice

    WDTDSS Wins 3rd Place at CENTER Awards - Editor's Choice

    What Did the Deep Sea Say, my ongoing series set in Hollywood, FL, was recently awarded 3rd place by Siobhan Bohnacker of The New Yorker in the CENTER AwardsThe not-for-profit organization CENTER, founded in 1994, honors, supports, and provides opportunities to gifted and committed photographers.

    I'm thrilled to be part of the group exhibition along with the fellow winners and to be asked to give an artist talk during the CENTER review in October 2017.

    From the Juror's Statement: "Sara Macel’s discovery of her grandmother’s unprinted negatives, led her south to Hollywood, Florida, to retrace the life her grandmother led there. The result of that trip is her poignant project, “What Did the Deep Sea Say”. Documenting herself, her own mother, and interweaving her grandmother’s photographs, Macel creates a lasting, tender portrait of three women bound together, by their embrace of one another and a curiosity in how one person’s life can shape those of consequent generations." - Siobhan Bohnacker, The New Yorker