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  • Exhibition: "Close to Me" | In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival

    Exhibition: "Close to Me" | In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival

    Close to Me is a collective exhibition curated by Lindley Warren, American photographer and founder of The Ones We Love magazine, and Roxi Pop, Romanian photographer and initiator of In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival.  The exhibition will take place at the National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca 5-15 October 2017. 

    Close to me is a exhibition which results from the collaboration between In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival and The Ones We Love magazine, and showcases the work of several photographers that were published in the magazine, as well as photographers outside the magazine. 

    Photographs from my series "May the Road Rise to Meet You" will be on view. Other participating artists in Close to Me include: Aaron Blum, Doug DuBois, Martha Fleming-Ives, Irina Rozovskz, Robin Schwartz, Alec Soth, & Susan Worsham.